About the Studio

Cera Stribley Architects was established in 2013 as bespoke architectural practice that specialises in both residential and commercial architecture. The company services many sectors of the property development industry including residential, multi-residential, commercial office, retail, hotel, hospitality and master planning.


We specialise in both programmatic and conceptual design whilst maintaining commercially beneficial outcomes for our clients. We believe that architecture is not only a tool for design, but also a tool for business, the business of using architecture to increase the value of property.


Cera Stribley Architects is located in Melbourne’s inner city Prahran however the company is active all across Australia and is looking to expand internationally.

Our Philosophy

The corporate philosophy of Cera Stribley Architects is based on three priorities; design innovation and excellence, client service and commercial viability.


We work with our clients to ensure that our concepts meet their specific requirements from the projects outset and follow that initial brief through to completion. Your project success is our main objective.


We are innovative in our design outcomes to meet market and economic requirements, ensuring commercially viable solutions. We endeavour to propose efficient, cost effective planning and construction solutions whilst maintaining project marketability through design excellence.


Our approach to all design work is to propose site specific architectural responses through the development of architectural languages incorporating aesthetic and performance elements of space, mass, form, light, colour and texture. These elements generate a vision that promotes the individual intended character of our projects. With ten years of experience in projects of various sizes & uses, Cera Stribley is perfectly qualified to manage entire jobs, from inception to hand over.


We have extensive experience with negotiating with authorities and key stakeholders, whilst boasting strong working relationships with key specialty consultants and managing their input throughout the process.



The Team

The team Cera Stribley Architects possesses a diverse range of skills and experiences across multiple areas of the building industry including architectural and interior design, master planning and project management. Together, we hold the necessary expertise to provide our clients with the most effective design outcomes as we

all share the company’s goal of delivering in client service, design and project viability.


We endeavour to further our professional development continuously whilst maintaining an awareness of current industry standards, local, state and federal planning policy and property markets across Australia. We use this information to ensure we are innovative, exciting and efficient in our development solutions and thus enhancing the project performance of our clients.


We maintain a network of building consultants and construction professionals whom we can confidently draw on for specialised

and detailed knowledge of any aspect of a construction project,

from inception through to execution.


We are approachable, enthusiastic and determined about our work and our team of professionals are committed to effective, efficient and enjoyable working relationships.

The Directors

Domenic Cerantonio

Chris Stribley

Work at Cera Stribley Architects

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We're always on the lookout for talented, dedicated people who love great architecture and ideas. If that's you, send us your portfolio/cv and a little blurb about yourself. Please note we receive many submissions and will do our best to reply to your email.

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